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Omaha, NE 68144


Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm
Sat 8am - 2pm

Wedding Cake Omaha FAQ

What are your hours?
Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 2pm, and closed on Sunday

Where are you located?
We are located south of 119th and Pacific, just a few blocks south of Big Fred’s (same plaza as Brother Sebastian’s). See a map.

How do I place an order? How much of a notice do I need to give? What can I order?
You can either call the store or go to “Place Order” tab and send one via e-mail. You may order any flavor from any day for your order. We ask that you give us two business days notice. If you need your cake/cupcakes sooner, call the store (402.334.6800) to see if your order can be created in less time.

Do you do more than cupcakes?
We also do cakes for all occasions. Check under the "pricing" tab for sizes and prices.

What do you do for weddings?
We can either do cupcakes, a traditional wedding cake, or both!

How do I set up a wedding appointment?
Please call the store to see when we have an available appointment. There is a $15 fee for a cake appointment. The fee, which is refundable up to 24 hours before the appointment, includes 4 samples. Additional samples are $3 each. If you choose to book your wedding with Cupcake Island, the $15 appointment fee applies to the $50 fee to reserve the date for your wedding.

What is the difference between a jumbo, a cupcake cake and cupcakes in the shape of a cake?
A jumbo cupcake is similar to a large muffin you would buy at the grocery store. It has 1-2 servings. A cupcake cake is an actual cake that is in the shape of a cupcake. It is similar in size and servings to an 8" double layer cake. It will usually feed 12-18 people. Cupcakes in the shape of a cake are multiple cupcakes (6 or more) frosted together like a single layer cake. They are "pull apart" cakes with each cupcake being one serving. They are very messy, as we use a large amount of frosting to make them. The price is determined by the number of cupcakes used.

Are your cakes and cupcakes made from the same batter?
Yes, our cupcakes and cakes are made from the same batter.

Do you make vegan, gluten free or sugar free cupcakes/cakes?
Yes, we do, however we do not make cupcakes which are both vegan AND gluten free. We can make them in any size in either chocolate or vanilla. For cupcake orders, we require a minimum of six cupcakes. We require a two-day notice for all vegan, gluten free or sugar free orders of cakes or cupcakes.

Are you a nut free facility?
We do have nuts in the facility and try to avoid cross contamination but we can’t guarantee it.

Do you make shaped cakes?
Yes, however whether or not we can do the cake is up to our discretion. Prices will vary depending on the décor and will usually be more expensive than our normal cake prices. Please give us at least one week notice for shaped cake orders, as there is a lot of planning involved.

Do you have mini size in all flavors?
Yes! We sell all of our flavors in all of our available cupcake and cake sizes. In store, however, we typically only have regular and mini sizes available. Jumbos, and all cakes require a special order.

Can you select special decorations on cakes and cupcakes?
Contact us with the special decorations you have in mind and we will let you know if it is something we can do.

Do you create cakes using fondant?
We do not use fondant to completely cover the cake. Sometimes we make small decorations out of fondant for the cakes and/or cupcakes.

Should I refrigerate my cake/cupcakes?
Cakes/cupcakes iced in whipped cream and cream cheese icing should be refrigerated, then set out an hour before serving to get to room temperature. Other cakes/cupcakes may be refrigerated but it is not necessary.